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We provide on-site calligraphy and / or seal engraving services.  Companies like AIA, Rolex, Standard Chartered Bank, etc engage Mr Lee at their customer events or company function to provide calligraphy services for their customers or employees.  

Such services are based on per hourly rate.  Within an hour, Mr Lee can produce roughly about 8 seal engraving OR about 40 to 50 calligraphy, depending on the demand.

If you are keen to engage Mr Lee' services, please click on the "Get Quotation" and send us your request.

Seal Engraving

Calligraphy on Scroll

Calligraphy on Fan

Calligraphy on Paper

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  1. Hi I've a Chinese painting, do you provide service to put it on scroll so I can hang it up ? The painting has been treated already. Just need to insert scroll. Thank